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Love, Not Love

Love, Not Love

Love, Not Love


At age 13,

I fell in love with my neighbor,

who was also my classmate. He

was in love with someone else.


At age 15,

I fell in love once more,

another neighbor

older, wiser, but also he

was in love with someone else.


At age 19,

I fell in love again,

a college classmate.

He did not say it, and

I did not know it, but he three

was in love with someone else.




What is a thrice


broken-hearted girl like me to do?


Write poetry of course.

Let the ink bleed on paper

as my heart bled three silent deaths.


Dramatic! I know.


Learning about what love is

by living what love is not

is the poetry of my youth.


Today my 13, 15, and 19 year old self

wishes to share all those sentiments, 

but now placed on a shelf.


Not Love will be published on 02/28/2018  




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